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Numărul 144
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Joburi interesante iulie 2024

Luminița Voicu
Desktop Publisher @ Today Software Magazine


Engineering Manager (Native) - Flutter UK&I @ Betfair Romania Development

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Engineering Manager to lead our Mobile Native Teams. The ideal candidate will drive the delivery of high-quality mobile applications, foster a collaborative team environment, and ensure the continuous improvement of our development processes.

Senior Java Developer @ MSG Systems Romania

Actively participate in product feature and design discussions,thinking, defining and building software in a collaborative way with members across different countries,performing code reviews and working with other team members to validate the proper use of patterns and practices are some of the main tasks required for this position.

Senior Software Engineer @ING Hubs Romania

We are currently looking for an experienced developer for our CTK Squad within Touchpoint. The squad will consists of 5 engineers and a PO , mixt located in Amsterdam & Cluj.

Senior ABAP Developer @ Accenture

Profound knowledge of ABAP, including ABAP OO (Object-Oriented), ABAP on HANA, and ABAP 7.5. Mastery of ABAP enhancement techniques. Expertise in integration using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) and MDG (Master Data Governance).

Java Software Engineer @ BoatyardX

We are looking to hire a Senior Back-End Developer to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, responsible for building new products and features using the latest technologies.
Being part of a larger international group, you will have a lot of opportunities to create new products using your skills, but you will also get the chance to develop your career and to gain new skills.

Senior C++ Software Engineer with Computer Vision for ADAS Rail projects, Engineering Center, Cluj @ Bosch

We are currently looking for a C++ Software Engineer with Computer Vision skills for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Rail projects to work within our team. You will be responsible for the development, adaptation, and integration of video perception solutions for the Rail Automation projects.

Senior Data Engineer - Flutter Studios @ Betfair Romania Development

We are looking for a talented Senior Data Engineer within Flutter Studios Technology to help us build a new, reliable and stable platform, that will become a fully featured supplier of in-house content for any operator or game studio to use. The successful candidate should have technical and problem-solving skills, a positive and results driven attitude and be a good communicator who can interact with both technical and non-technical stakeholders and teammates.

QA Automation - .NET @ CodeCrafters

Proficiency applying various testing methodologies on integration, system and acceptance testing,relevant experience with the following tools: Visual Studio (C# IDE), Playwright, Specflow, Git, Jenkins, Confluence (documentation), Swagger, Insomnia, Oracle SQL, MSSQL / SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL, JMeter are the requires in order to perform in this role.

Senior Java Developer - Sportsbet @ Betfair Romania Development

The successful candidate for the Senior Java Developer role, will have good technical and problem solving skills, with a positive and results driven attitude, a strong communicator who is capable of interacting with both technical and non-technical people.

DevOps Architect @ BoatyardX

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Architect, who has a strong emphasis on well architected Cloud solutions and Infrastructure automation across the main cloud providers (AWS, Azure), with a willingness to support clients directly in growing an expanding technology services business.

SAP ABAP Developer @ MSG Systems Romania

In order to perform in this role, these are the skills we are looking for: knowledge of SAP technologies and database management systems, knowledge of ABAP, SAP R3, BAdI knowledge, REST Services, Azure DevOps,experience in working with SAP GUI, Eclipse,good communicator, teamwork spirit, and a positive attitude.

Software Architect (Java) - FanDuel @ Betfair Romania Development

This position involves working with and being part of a cross-skilled Web, Android and iOS development team and will have regular contact with teams looking after other aspects of FanDuel products & tools. You will be a core contributor to the organisations "north star" technical strategy, working with other engineering leaders to drive decisions around programming languages, architecture, products, tools, approaches and processes.

Computer Vision Engineer, Mobility Aftermarket Technology, Engineering Center, Cluj/Bucharest @ Bosch

Designing, developing and optimizing algorithms and software for single and for multi-camera video systems using a variety of state-of-the art methods (deep learning, structure from motion, optical flow, 3D reconstruction, clustering, segmentation, objects tracking, visual odometry, numerical optimization techniques, projective geometry, etc.) are some of the required tasks for this role.

IT OpsRisk Engineer @ ING Hubs Romania

Ability to understand the risk processes in an IT environment Experience with IT risk standards Ability to make clear and convincing statements related to risk procedures Proven planning and organizing experience

Full stack developer (.NET & React.js) @ CodeCrafters

Helpful insights for the financial system domain, access to the latest technologies, the chance to work with people that are passionate about innovation and business evolution, determined to change the way we do banking today are only a few opportunities involving this role.

SAP Functional Support Specialist with German @ Accenture

Proven experience in SAP functional support with a focus on SD, MM, WM/EWM, and TM modules. Familiarity with job scheduling and system monitoring. Excellent communication skills in both German and English.

NUMĂRUL 143 - Software Craftsmanship


  • Accenture
  • BT Code Crafters
  • Accesa
  • Bosch
  • Betfair
  • MHP
  • BoatyardX
  • .msg systems
  • P3 group
  • Ing Hubs
  • Cognizant Softvision
  • Colors in projects