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Joburi interesante mai 2024

Luminița Voicu
Desktop Publisher @ Today Software Magazine


QA Automation Java @ CodeCrafters

We are seeking a Senior QA Automation Engineer who will be responsible for designing and implementing automated testing solutions for our software development projects. The ideal candidate will have experience in using Gradle, Playwright, Java, and Cucumber/Serenity to automate testing processes.

SAP Basis IAM Analyst with German @ Accenture

Proven experience working as an SAP Basis IAM Analyst or in a similar role, with a strong focus on user and authorization management, extensive knowledge of SAP authorization concepts and experience creating and managing SAP authorization roles, proficiency in both German and English languages are mandatory qualifications for this job.

Reliability Domain Architect @ING Hubs Romania

If you are passionate about building reliable and scalable software systems and have a strong background in architectural design, this position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of our organization. You will develop, evolve, and maintain the reliability framework used by our Site Reliability Engineers, engineers, and architects to build a reliable technical foundation. Help new developments and existing assets with a very good foundation where all infrastructure, platforms and systems will work correctly and consistently as they are expected to.

DevOps Manager - PokerStars & Platforms @ Betfair Romania Development

The DevOps Manager will focus on leading the DevOps team whilst supporting our pivot from on-premises hosting of infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure as well as supporting our existing applications and infrastructure.

.NET Web Developer @ YARDI

We are looking to grow our Product Development team with experienced & passionate .NET Developers who will design, write, test and refactor high-performance property management software for the real estate industry. Also ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of applications, perform code reviews and suggest code improvements etc.

Proxy Product Owner @ CodeCrafters

Establishing delivery processes, building strong partnership with cross teams, developing strategies with Business and participating in decision making together with technical teams, are just some of the challenges of the Proxy Product Owner role.

Computer Vision Engineer, Mobility Aftermarket Technology, Engineering Center, Cluj/Bucharest @ BOSCH

We are currently looking for a Computer Vision Engineer for Mobility Aftermarket technology development to work within our team. Developing computer vision-based algorithms for mobility aftermarket technology (e.g. precise sensors calibration in auto workshops); creating, adapting and training deep learning models that detect / classify / segment entities of interest are some of the assignments that involve this role.

Senior Java Developer - Sportsbet & Platforms @ Betfair Romania Development

This position involves working within a cross-skilled development team and having regular contact with teams looking after other aspects of Sportsbet products & tools. Also, the successful candidate will have good technical and problem-solving skills, with a positive and results driven attitude, a strong communicator who can interact with both technical and non-technical people.

QA Automation - .NET @ CodeCrafters

In order to perform in this role, you should have good analytical skills and proven experience in analyzing and testing complex business rules, previous work experience in a CI&CD project, experience with testing throughout the entire software development life cycle etc.

Senior ABAP Developer @ Accenture

Profound knowledge of ABAP, including ABAP OO (Object-Oriented), ABAP on HANA, and ABAP 7.5, mastery of ABAP enhancement techniques, expertise in integration using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) and MDG (Master Data Governance) are the required qualification in order to perform in the Senior ABAP Developer role.

Manager/Senior Manager (f/m) Service Line Lead @ MHP

Main tasks required for this role:

Engineering Manager - Infrastructure & Platforms @ Betfair Romania Development

•Proven track record of delivering projects through multi-disciplinary teams using Agile & lean principals, being able to clearly set priorities and focus on what is the most important task at hand, being commercially aware and with a strong focus on our Customer, having experience working closely with other technology teams are the skills, capabilities & experience required for this role.

Senior Consultant (f/m) Backend Developer @ MHP

Required qualifications in order to perform in this role:

Data Engineer - Wholesale Banking Transaction Services @ING Hubs Romania

As an engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on large and complex data sets of a global bank, and guiding the team to build feasible, best-in-class analytics products that truly make an impact.

Automation Engineer (PLC), Engineering Center, Cluj @ BOSCH

By joining this team, you will do software development for automated machine controls, receive and install systems of new equipment, you will support manufacturing sections and handle necessary PLC changes on supported production line.

Senior Data DevOps Engineer - FanDuel @ Betfair Romania Development

a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be working with internal stakeholders, engineers, data scientists, cloud platform engineers and other technologists across the business. The position requires the candidate to have experience in cloud architecture, CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-Code (Iac) and maintaining operational platforms.


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NUMĂRUL 143 - Software Craftsmanship


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  • Betfair
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