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Joburi interesante Septembrie

Ovidiu Mățan
Fondator @ Today Software Magazine

Senior Full Stack/Cloud Software Developer (.Net + React) @ Accesa

We are looking for a talented and passionate Senior Full Stack/Cloud Software Developer to provide innovative technical solutions to help employees have a great experience at work. The product (IXP) is a platform that supports the creation of micro-products / capabilities, which can be combined to bring a great experience to users. We deliver the capabilities to be integrated into any system and to reach any user, independent of the tools they are using. We focus on augmenting the employee experiences with the capabilities we create, inside their tools and not replacing their tools with other tools.

Software Project Manager for Driving Assistance Systems of sport cars OEMs, Cluj @ Bosch

We are currently looking for a Software Project Manager to work within our team. We strongly believe that when driving a sport car, a safety net should not take away the pleasure of driving! Our mission is to develop latest technology of driving assistance systems for our customers. You will be leading the software development of a radar/video camera-based assistance system for some of the most exclusive cars manufacturers around the world.

Senior Consultant (f/m) AWS Cloud Developer @ MHP

AWS experience, IoT area. Programming language: TypeScript / JavaScript – and or other programming languages. Experience with Docker. Knowledge of GitLab

Principal / Architect Full Stack Developer - Fanduel @ Betfair Romania Development

This position involves working with and being part of a cross-skilled Web, Android and iOS development team and will have regular contact with teams looking after other aspects of FanDuel products & tools.

Mid/Senior QA Automation Engineer @ BoatyardX

We are looking to hire a client-focused 'Mid/ Senior Software Engineer' to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team working with large global brands to explore new digital product concepts. This is achieved through the delivery of rapid and collaborative validation sprints to test potential new product concepts.

Full Stack Java Software Engineer @ Accesa

Develop, design, and implement new or modified software products or ongoing business projects. Identify properly the components of the application and infrastructure in the domain.

Computer Vision Software Engineer for Self-Driving Cars, Cluj/Bucharest @ Bosch

We are a team of engineers that harness the power of video-based perception methods to create industry leading automated driving technologies. We develop state-of-the art computer vision algorithms with the focus on traffic scenes and parking scenes perception. Our activities cover a broad set of algorithmic methods such as 3D geometric computer vision methods, temporal tracking and spatial clustering methods, fusion of data-driven based methods (e.g. deep learning) with the 3D perception methods. Our applications cover various mobile platforms (vehicles, motorcycles, etc.), enabling automatic lateral and longitudinal control of the vehicles as well as high-definition maps creation.

Principal/Architect Java Developer - Sportsbet @ Betfair Romania Development

Excellent knowledge of Java, it's patterns and practices; Experience in major java frameworks such as spring boot, hibernate, etc; Experience using real time streaming (Kafka, Kinesis); Experience in Messaging frameworks tools (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, etc);

Mid/Senior Back-End Developer @ BoatyardX

We are looking to hire a 'Mid/Senior Back-End Developer' to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, responsible for building new products and features using the latest technologies. Being part of a larger international group, you will have a lot of opportunities to create new products using your skills but you will also get the chance to develop your career and to gain new skills. We expect you to have the right communication skills that will allow you to work in international teams as well as to share your knowledge with your teammates.



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