Numărul 142
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Numărul 115
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Joburi interesante ianuarie/februarie

Ovidiu Mățan
Fondator @ Today Software Magazine


Senior Frontend Software Engineer with Angular (Banking) @ Accesa

You will participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and have the opportunity to contribute with solutions to improve our customer’s technological ecosystem.

Mid/Senior Java Developer (Back-End Developer) @ BoatyardX

We are looking to hire a ‘Mid/Senior Back-End Developer’ to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, responsible for building new products and features using the latest technologies. Being part of a larger international group, you will have a lot of opportunities to create new products using your skills but you will also get the chance to develop your career and to gain new skills. We expect you to have the right communication skills that will allow you to work in international teams as well as to share your knowledge with your teammates.

Senior Software Engineering Manager @ Betfair Romania Development

We're looking for experienced managers who enjoy helping and coaching those around them. You have a passion for delivery and working with other managers to help solve problems. You're comfortable talking technology with Engineers along with working with external Stakeholders to build and prioritise roadmaps. You know where to simplify, optimise, or extend solutions for the best outcomes. You're excited to help develop and grow engineers within your team, providing an outstanding employee experience tailored to their individual needs. If you're looking to exercise and develop their existing core leadership skills both from a technical and people management point of view, then this is the position for you!

Senior Java Developer @ Betfair

We are looking for a dedicated, self-motivated, technical driven professional to work in a team of engineers developing highly available enterprise products. Our continued business success and growth demand a lot from our technology, including transaction volumes that surpass many of the world's leading financial institutions. Our engineers are committed to find the best solutions to complex technical challenges together with professional team members.

Senior Beck-End Developer @ Connatix

You will be working in a new innovative team that develops advanced AI technology for content enhancement, one of a kind product in the market. Your work will consist in mainly c#/.net core programming and the tasks will involve solving problems in text analysis and visual content generation by applying NLP, data mining and machine learning algorithms.

Consultant Salesforce Administrator @ MHP

Support in consolidation of our Salesforce local team. Engage in both internal and client-facing projects in executing and implementing Salesforce solutions.

Embedded C Software Developer @ Bosch

Our teams are aiming towards a common goal: shaping the future of mobility together.

C/C++ Software Developer @ Bosch

Our team pursues the challenge to enhance the safety of both passengers and vulnerable road users, and to boost the driving comfort as well by developing functions like Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Pedestrians and Cyclists protection, just to name a few. Deploying Advanced Driver- Assistance solutions to our customers, we make sure that our Radar sensors play a key role in the future of autonomous driving.

Consultant SAP Marketing Cloud Developer @ MHP

You take over the implementation in the SAP Marketing Cloud with agile methods. You guide our customers through their marketing processes.

Mid/Senior QA Automation Engineer @ BoatyardX

We are looking to hire a client-focused ‘Mid/ Senior Software Engineer’ to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team working with large global brands to explore new digital product concepts. This is achieved through the delivery of rapid and collaborative validation sprints to test potential new product concepts.

Senior Java Developer for Cloud Solutions @ Accesa

You will have an impact on the project’s evolution, as well as the chance to contribute with your own ideas and expertise in building a successful relation with the client.

QA Automation Engineer @ Connatix

This position involves creating and maintaining an automation framework and tests for HTML5 player on a broad range of desktop browsers and mobile devices, customer-facing web interface and back-end API tests.

Back End Developer with Cloud Experience @ Accenture

We are looking for reliable and experienced developer which can take part in our client's most successful projects such as developing paper-like writing experience for tablets using Go.

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Accenture

We are looking for proactive Senior DevOps Engineer, who can take part in our client's most successful and innovative projects.


NUMĂRUL 142 - Robotics & AI


  • Accenture
  • BT Code Crafters
  • Accesa
  • Bosch
  • Betfair
  • MHP
  • BoatyardX
  • .msg systems
  • Yardi
  • P3 group
  • Ing Hubs
  • Colors in projects